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The Bay Area
22 May 2011 . Sunday

A big thank you to Joel's college friends from Cal Poly, especially our helpers Geoff, Alissa, Terra and Stefanie,
who came from near and far to attend the SLO-style BBQ with Tri-Tip and other good food! We were really happy to see you and to celebrate our Big Day together with you.


We met at the Ramada Picnic Area at 3:00pm in
Alum Rock Park, East Foothills, San Jose.


To view the fun memories, click here to view the pictures!

Gift Registry

Your presence at our wedding is gift enough, and we realize that many of you will be traveling a long way to attend, so please do not feel obliged to gift us anything other than your attendance.

If you do wish to buy us something, we appreciate how hard it is to find a good wedding present, especially one that is portable enough for us to bring back to Hong Kong, or fit in a tiny 400 square foot flat in Hong Kong. Because of that, we have set up two gift registries with mostly smaller items and items which we feel like we could use.

Alternately, we would like to give our guests the choice to donate money to our favored charity, Doctors Without Borders, or you might like the idea of giving a gift in an envelope towards our Honeymoon Fund.

At Target, you can buy the item in the store or have it shipped to
Joel's mom's house in Seattle, while Amazon gifts will be shipped to Seattle.
Location Map

Alum Rock Park
Ramada Picnic Area
San Jose East Foothills

Getting there: ( download PDF)
From 680, exit McKee Road and
head North. After 1.5 miles, turn left
on Toyon Avenue. At the end of
the street, turn right on Penitencia Creek Road.

Continue on Penitencia Creek Road into the park, and at the T-intersection, turn left on Alum Rock Falls Road.

Go to the parking lot closest to the Visitor Center and Ranger Center,
and look for the Ramada Picnic Area.

To help you find the way to the party, look out for T&J logo signs and
blue & white balloons.

See you there!

Personalised directions: