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Our Story

The common love of travel and being open to the idea of crashing on the couch of a local in the city - Couchsurfing - was what brought us together and kept our life interesting ever since we met. Ting first got in contact with Joel through his profile on the Couchsurfing website during her round-the-world trip in October 2008. Joel was the excellent host, inviting Ting to meet his friends, hike the Dragon's Back, and swim at the beach in Shek O. Ting left after 5 days in Hong Kong, and Joel started emailing her in the month she was completing her round-the-world trip. Joel couldn't get enough of Ting and asked to visit her in Singapore in December 2008, and then again in January 2009, during which he asked Ting to consider moving to Hong Kong in February 2009 to start a relationship.

We have continued to fuel our travel addiction and have visited 26 major cities in 9 different countries together. Sharing a life in Hong Kong, we love cooking together and hosting dinners for friends, going out for local food, and taking urban walks and forest hikes around Hong Kong.

As we prepare for our wedding, we look looking forward to starting the next chapter in our lives and spending the next 5 or so years in Hong Kong before moving to the United States!